Winuall raises INR 17 crores to enable social commerce for over 10,000 tutors

Bengaluru, 23 August, 2022: Winuall,a social commerce platform that now allows educators to share a wide range of curated courses to their students has raised INR 17 crores from Dream Incubator, Inflection Point Ventures, existing investors - Prime Venture Partners, BEENEXT and other strategic investors. The startup will use the fresh capital to enhance product and tech capabilities, hire across leadership roles and scale up marketplace business by onboarding more creators, content-suppliers and educators.

The company has reported a 100% MOM growth in the adoption of their social commerce platform in the last six months and educators have seen 50% growth in their income. With the help of Winuall’s marketplace, tutors can now recommend best-in-class courses to their students from a highly curated repository of content with over 45,000+ lessons created by 1200+ educators / content experts. It also provides tutors with high-quality marketing tools which will help them reach potential students and help in building their own brand. The tutor has the independence to set prices, give discounts, run campaigns on social media to reach a wider audience and upsell their existing students.

Since the pandemic, there is an overwhelming preference for a blended model of education amongst students, teachers, and educators even after traditional forms of learning are resuming slowly and steadily according to a study by The Hewlett Packard India Future of Learning 2022. Winuall’s one-stop online store enables coaching institutes and tutors to now create, sell and market their courses online. The educators can provide best in class content for their students and scale their own offerings as well. For instance, an educator from Ranchi who used to only teach Physics for IITJEE can now offer a wide range of best in class courses including Olympiads, Boards, and NEET etc to their students using the Winuall platform. With the online store, creating courses is fast, efficient, user-friendly, and tutors can also sell their existing digital content directly to potential learners.

Founded in 2019 by Ashwini Purohit & Saurabh Vyas, Winuall aims to help tutors to grow their business by adopting technology which helps in the overall teaching and learning experience both for students and the tutors. The company has sold 35,000+ courses/content-pieces in the last 4 months alone and has raised over INR 38.5 crores till date.

Supporting Quote

Ashwini Purohit, CEO, Winuall

We are already break-even and are on track to make our marketplace business profitable in the next 3 months. We are humbled by the massive adoption of our platform across India. Customers are delighted and we are now excited to double down on building the company. In a world where the competition for good content keeps growing each day, we want to build a platform for tutors that can make their job easier by providing them complete freedom to customize the courses they offer and help them grow their earnings. At Winuall, we are building a content marketplace with strong supply, understanding user patterns and recommending best suitable content for the student. By our social commerce model, we have better margins to share with our educators and provide affordable content to students.

About Winuall

Winuall is a social commerce platform that allows educators to share a wide range of curated courses to their students' online education platform. It helps coaching institutes go digital by providing them with content and performance improvement recommendations. It also enables tutors to sell their content and services to a broader audience and earn more. To create your own online store, please register at: https://winuall.com

Aug. 23, 2022, 5:40 p.m.

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