This Genius built a ~800 Crore Startup (Bootstrapped & Profitable) with Mukri, Founder ZopSmart

In this podcast episode, Amit Somani speaks to Mukesh Singh a.k.a Mukri (Founder of ZopSmart) a winner of the ‘Economic Times Comeback Kid Award Winner, 2023’.

Mukri is a maverick entrepreneur who has staged an unimaginable dramatic pivot shutting down a 70%-80% revenue business to focusing on a newer product based on market estimation and gut.

He talks about his inspiration from ‘Lego’ and ‘Intel’ to have made the most important decision in building this mammoth ~800 Crore company at ~70%-80% margins!

Another valuable piece he shares on the US GTM strategy including how he does 300 hours of preparation before every customer meeting. This episode is a rollercoaster enlightening current and future entrepreneurs in the most remarkable way.

Tune into this episode to get inspired, learn and traverse across a marvelous entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

0:00 - Entrepreneurial Journey With Mukri Singh

4:10 - Discovering Self and Startup Lessons

14:42 - Entrepreneurship Journey

19:00 - Challenges and Opportunities in E-Commerce / Retail

28:53 - Importance of Core in Business Strategy

36:59 - Value Over Uniqueness in Startup Growth

49:09 - Entrepreneurial Insights and Reading Habits

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