MakeMyTrip Acquisition, 2000+ cities in India, an incredible 'Savaari' with Gaurav Aggarwal (CEO)

In this podcast episode, Amit Somani speaks to Gaurav Aggarwal the incredible Founder & CEO at Savaari Car Rentals who inspiringly led his company to be acquired by MakeMyTrip in 2023/2024.  

Savaari is India's largest premier chauffeur driven inter-city car rental service with presence in 2000+ Indian cities.

Gaurav is a resilient, poster boy of Indian Startup M&A success story. He has silently built a ~₹100 Crore ARR startup by just raising 2 rounds of funding in a crowded space amidst the storms of global competition (with billions of dollars). 

This strategic Merger & Acquisition (M&A) with MakeMyTrip is a trendsetter and exemplar for all founders in the Indian startup ecosystem and VCs alike. 

He signs off saying, Savaari Car Rentals will be a ~₹1000 Crore company in 5 years! 

Watch this episode to learn key snippets on building an enduring startup the right way in a very difficult unorganised, crowded market! 

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

0:00 - From Cisco to Car Rental Startup

4:16 - Transitioning to Entrepreneurship in India

7:45 - Intercity Transportation Market Insights

19:01 - Navigating the Competitive Landscape

23:33 - Staying the Course

30:59 - Entrepreneurship Evolution and Growth Strategy

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