How Bolt.Earth is charging 1300+ Indian cities - Part 2 with Jyotiranjan Harichandan, Co-founder, Bolt. Earth

In this podcast episode, Sanjay Swamy one of the first institutional investors in Bolt.Earth embarks on a reminiscent journey with Jyoti, as we uncover the story of India's most exciting EV charging startup.

Jyoti shares insights from audacious beginnings selling EV software solutions to Chinese manufacturers and how COVID helped them 'Make in India' for India launching the world's most affordable EV charger during the pandemic. He explains the critical pivot, business strategy, technology and team-building that has led to Bolt.Earth gaining 65-70% market share for 2 and 3 wheeler EV charging in India.

With 30K+ charging points across 1300+ cities, Bolt.Earth is building the Android for EVs - watch this episode to learn the story of how this visionary entrepreneur has built their incredible startup.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

00:00 - Early days of Bolt.Earth

03:00 - Selling software to Chinese EV manufacturers

05:40 - COVID & Bolt's 1st VC cheque from Prime Venture Partners

09:00 - Bolt's team, technology and product

11:45 - Growth + Scaling Bolt.Earth

15:00 - Smart EVs for 2 wheeler & 3 wheeler in India

18:00 - Bolt.Earth OS - Android for EVs

22:00 - Next 12-18 months for EV & Bolt.Earth

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