Gaming & Venture Capital Funding in India with Shripati Acharya, Gaurav Ranjan & Jerome Manuel

In this special podcast episode, our in-house Gaming experts Shripati Acharya and Gaurav Ranjan (Investments @PrimeVenturePartners ) share everything about the #gaming sector in #india . They share deep insights on the current state, the future, #gameplay categories and what kind of companies Prime is excited to #invest in.

Why is Prime bullish about the #games market in India? - No. of #gamers in India - 500 Million (50 Crore) - No. of paying Gamers in India - 150 Million (15 Crore) - Expected size of #market - $3.5 Billion - $4 Billion

Watch the full episode to learn more about how today is the best time to be a ‘Gaming’ #entrepreneur in India and what kind of #startup you should be building:

​​0:00 - Evolution and #future of Indian Gaming

4:12 - Evolution and #growth of Gaming Market

16:58 - #monetization strategies in #mobilegaming

25:09 - The Future of Gaming #investment

34:55 - Building Organic Distribution for #videogames

40:48 - Evolution of #web3gaming

52:53 - Gaming Entrepreneurship Opportunities in India

P.S: you’ll learn why we invested in @HitwicketGame and Glip

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