Digii - The Ed’Tech’ transforming India’s education with Hemant Sahal, CEO, Digii

In this exciting new episode, Amit Somani spoke to Hemant Sahal - a missionary entrepreneur solving a critical problem of digitizing Indian universities and institutions. Hemant’s insights on the necessity for specialized enterprise software (SaaS) in education institutions are compelling, as he recounts his multifaceted experiences as a student, teacher, and administrator. These experiences shaped his realization of the significant gap in technology that educational institutions faced, which led to the inception of Digii.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

0:00 - Entrepreneurship in EdTech for India

7:10 - Education Institutions in India

12:20 - Transformation and Future of Higher Education

23:05 - Technology Adoption in Indian Institutions

32:13 - How to sell Edtech in India?

35:57 - Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship Journey

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Digii - The Ed’Tech’ transforming India’s education

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