Prime Time with Deep Kalra, Founder and Group CEO Makemytrip

In this episode of PrimeTime, Amit Somani talks to Deep Kalra, CEO of MakeMyTrip. During his chat with Amit, Deep digs deeper about his personal journey as an entrepreneur and also how MMT grew from being an early stage start-up to launch their first IPO.

In the podcast Deep talks about his highs and lows during the 16 years of MakeMyTrip and the way he fought across all the challenges along with his team mates who stood by him. He highlights the fact on how '9/ 11' and the 'dot com buzz' changed the world and greatly impacted many businesses during that period. He further speaks about the importance of IPOs and how MakeMyTrip launched theirs'. Deep also shares his thoughts on why many big companies do scale up but are not able to go public for IPOs. While discussing about workplace culture, he talks about MakeMyTrip being rewarded with a 'Great Places to Work' award and talks about his belief in culture being a key reflection of the people in the company - from top to bottom of the pyramid.

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