Best of 2021: Conversations on Building & Finding Opportunities

A special episode for you this week which has the best conversations we had on the podcast this year. Let us the know the conversation you enjoyed the most.

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03:05- Figuring out PMF During the Build Journey - Shreyas Doshi

06:06 -How a Facebook Designer Thinks - Julie Zhuo

09:33 -The Power of Listening to Users - Vidit Aatrey

12:41 - How to Train Your Team to Take Risks - Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

18:25 -When Should You Hire CXOs at your Startup - Vivek Sunder

22:22 -Building a Founding Team - Nickhil Jakatdar

25:14 -Competing Against Large Global Brands - Hitesh Oberoi

29:31 -What to Build & When - Shreyas Doshi

35:06 -How to Position your Startup - April Dunford

40:08 -How to become culture ready for IPO - Donna Wilczek

43:06 -How to Build a Healthcare Product - Mudit Dandwate

46:05 -How Leaders Use the Power of Humor - Naomi Bagdonas

49:06 -Why PMs Need More Breadth Than Depth - Anshumani Ruddra

54:29 -Emerging Opportunities in the Crypto Space - Nischal Shetty

58:50 - How to Build a Global Data Business - Neha Singh

01:03:20 -Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the EV space - Tarun Mehta

01:05:08 -Planning an exit and building relationships - Shirish Nadkarni

01:09:50 -How is cross-border commerce evolving - Vargab Bakshi

01:12:12 -Global SaaS Trends - Shihab Muhammed

01:15:42 - The Open Source Business Model - Viral B Shah

01:21:25 -How to Act When There is a Disruption - Beerud Sheth

01:24:49 -Startup Ecosystem & Changing World Dynamics - Shamir Karkal

01:30:38 -Government Adopting an Open Mindset - Amit Ranjan

01:33:26 -The 1% Pledge - Atul Satija

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