The #Circa Problem

Startups that miss rapid market evolution, risk disruption themselves!

One of the biggest learnings in my past 7 years as an entrepreneur-turned-VC is that as ...  Read more

Sanjay Swamy

Why we invested in OTO, the Vehicle Leasing Company!

More than 20 years ago, I finally decided to graduate from the $1000 student car I had bought in Seattle, to a brand new car. ...  Read more

Prime Venture Partners

The Making of NiYO, 1-2- 3!

A Fresh Look at Payroll and Benefits

Sometime last year, I was chatting with Vinay Bagri, a senior banking executive, about the payroll market. One ...  Read more

Prime Venture Partners

Rajesh Mashruwala’s visit

In July, we hosted Rajesh Mashruwala (our Partner Emeritus) in Bangalore. Growing up in Mumbai and finishing his graduation from IIT Bombay, Raj ...  Read more

Prime Venture Partners

My $0.02 – Surge Pricing is here to stay, get over it!

Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Priven Advisors LLP., investment advisory arm of Prime Venture Partners @theswamy @primevp_in

Surge pricing is ...  Read more

Prime Venture Partners

The role for a CMO for running an Election Campaign

The US is gearing up for one of the most incredible election years ever. June 7th is rapidly approaching as one of ...  Read more

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