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Amuleek Singh Bijral

In this episode of Prime Time, Amit Somani talks to Amuleek Singh Bijral, founder & CEO at Chai Point, a tea retail chain.

Amuleek speaks about his journey right from his enterprise technology days after passing out from Harvard University to starting up with Chai Point. He realized that chai was an opportunity to solve and had not been attempted before and talks about the other business ideas he had contemplated then. He very well explains the role of technology behind maintaining a consistent cup of chai which is based on their fundamental business model of being hinged to quality and consistency.


0:45- 3.35 How did Amuleek come up with the idea of Chai Point?

3.45- 6:15 The other categories Amuleek was contemplating and what made chai win?

6:55- 10:55 What goes into producing a consistent cup of Chai across the country?

11:05- 16:35 How many cups of Chai will be consumed in India in the near future and where does Chai Point see themself?

17:30- 22:35 Does technology play a role in food sampling and creating process?

22:40- 36:04 Building of the brand and offering at a cost effective point.

36:20- 43:19 Amuleek speaks about his down moments during his journey.

43:28- 46:30 Fund raising journey of Chai Point.